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What are Dental Implants?


Dental implants are substitute tooth roots and have become a remarkable break-through in dental practice.

Teeth implants provide a solid foundation for new teeth - they are just like your own! Yourette is here to walk you through the dental implant experience in Turkey.

How do dental implants work?


As substitute roots, dental implants may be visualized as artificial roots and are quite similar to screws.

Teeth implants are positioned (precision-placed) directly into your upper or lower jaw. Once the bonding — integration — takes place within your natural bone, a strong and stable connection is established.

The dental implants then provide a strong and reliable base for one or a number of dental crowns.

Dental crowns are the artificial teeth, and are custom-made to match your existing teeth.

The dental crowns are placed over and are supported by the teeth implants. They also provide both an aesthetic and functional restoration.

Adequate time must be provided (healing period) for the bonding (osseointegration) to take place, before any prosthetics can be placed on an implant. That is critical to the long-term success of your dental implant treatment.

How to Get Dental Implants in Turkey?


Getting dental implants is a multi-stage process. It requires different measures and interventions to make the treatment successful.

The process begins with a discussion with our highly trained dental surgeon, either over a video call or in person, depending on what you prefer. The local professional will discuss your problems, as well as measures that need to be taken.

If you have decided to undergo treatment, you will be able to travel to our partner clinic in Antalya in Turkey which provides comprehensive care and attention. A highly skilled and experienced dental surgeon will conduct a session to attach the implant.

During your first visit following your arrival, you will undergo various tests and analyses like x-rays and other scanning procedures to understand the specific of your health and teeth condition. These tests will help the professionals to design the plan for your dental treatment and to determine the approach they will later take.

Following the completion of all the tests and the final configuration of the specialized treatment plan, you will be required to undergo another thorough examination, after which the experts will begin your procedures. In many cases, additional interventions are also required, like the removal of the tooth, sinus lift, or bone-grafting, enforced by the dental surgeons associated with the clinic.

Dental implant 3D illustration showing the separate parts of a titanium post, abutment, and crown for tooth replacement.

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    • Based on your treatment plan, you might be required to come to Turkey two or even three times. This depends on the strength of your jaw bone.

    • The first stage is when the treatment begins. During this time, your dental surgeon and specialists will put your case in evaluation and will be able to start the necessary procedures.

    • The specialists will start by making the jaws ready for the implants. This may also include some extra procedures like a sinus lift or bone grafts. If your bone is strong enough and you do not require these extra procedures, the surgeon will place the implants during that session.

    • At this point, the specialists will also arrange for the lab to prepare some temporary dentures for you to use for comfort during the healing time. After this step has been completed, you will then need to visit Turkey again after three to five months for the zirconium crowns fitting.

  • Teeth implants are an amazing advance in dental field. They help you keep more of your natural teeth and make your teeth and gums healthier.

    Unlike regular bridges, dental implants don’t require removing enamel from nearby teeth. This means more of your original teeth can stay as they are. Plus, the implants create separate spaces between each implant, making it easier to clean between your teeth.

  • Teeth implants mimic the appearance and sensation of your original teeth.

    They’re crafted to merge with the bone, providing a durable, permanently installed fixture which not only elevates your smile but also your self-esteem.\

    It’s worth noting that the benefits go beyond aesthetics; dental implants also upgrade your speaking and eating capabilities.

  • Teeth implants have revolutionised dentistry and offer a durable solution for patients with missing teeth. They are inserted into the jawbone. They are super strong and reliable. With proper care, they can last a lifetime and enhance oral health and general well-being.

    Dental implants last long because they are made of titanium - a very strong and biocompatible metal that can integrate with the jawbone. This unity becomes a part of the bone, so it does not move.

    Teeth implants can be likened to real tooth roots, thus giving people certainty and allowing them to eat, speak, and smile as they would normally. The quality of the restoration of dental implants also affects the length of time they last.

    Dental crowns are installed on implants and can be used frequently, allowing people to eat and live normally. Moreover, dental technology and materials used now are enhanced, making these restorations durable and resistant to scratch, breakage, and staining.

    During the healing process, the bone around the implant solidifies, helping to withstand the pressure of the dental crowns. Moreover, when they last ‘forever’, they prevent bone loss that typically occurs when the teeth are missing.

    To make dental implants last a long time and work properly, patients need to take good care of their teeth hygiene. Regular teeth cleaning, use mouthwash as often as recommended by dentist is mandatory. These habits help to keep your mouth clean and avoid bacteria.

  • Possible risks associated with dental implants

    Though dental implants have a high success rate, they do bring some potential risks as well, like infection or damage of the nerves. Before you start getting dental implants it's important to have a conversation about what could go wrong when infections and such issues can cause major trouble. Complications may stem from implant failure, prolonged bleeding, or ongoing pain. Both potential problems will be discussed with the surgeon before and after an operation is performed, so that all steps can be taken to ensure your complete safety and comfort.

  • At Yourette, we specialize in dental tourism and can help you organize your dental treatment. We are affiliated with a network of dental clinics in Turkey who meet the requirements set by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

    We only work with likeminded dental clinics with excellent reputations, known to welcome many international patients from different countries. Your dental implants turkey package deals will give you enough options to best suit your specific needs.

    We feel that complete transparency is crucial; you will always be given a detailed break down of dental implants turkey cost, you can be assured there will be no hidden costs or surprises at any point.

    What sets us apart as one of the leading dental tourism agency, is our commitment to really listen to you, we are passionate about offering each and every one of our clients a highly personalized and comprehensive service unlike larger dental tourism operators that focus more on quantity of patients over quality of care.

    Should you choose Yourette, we would be more than happy to help you arrange a face-to-face pre-treatment consultation with our dental surgeon who is based in the UK. You can use this consultation to discuss your expectations, voice any concerns you may have, ask any questions about your implant(s) and treatment, and gain a deeper understanding of the procedure that awaits you.

    You will not be invited to join any treatment plan without fully understanding exactly what is in store for you. Our patients’ safety and comfort are our greatest concern, and you can find comfort in the fact that not only will everything dental be taken care of, but also safe comfortable accommodation arranged for you upon your arrival, as well as VIP airport transfers, meaning you can arrive fully relaxed and without any additional stress.

    Your stay will be as stress free as possible, with a translator, who will happily accompany you during your visit to the clinic, we understand fully the concerns of visiting a clinic where language can be a problem. We will not only do our best to ensure that you can communicate with both the dental staff we accompany you to see, but also in any aspect of your experience with us.

    We speak your language. Lastly, in knowing that you have chosen to undergo such a treatment away from home and the small concerns or fears you may have for certain aspects of you visit, we have is included in all our dental implant turkey package deals.

    We include complication insurance as standard. What this means is that in the highly unlikely event of a complication after your treatment, you are covered and we take care of all necessary corrective measures, to both our satisfaction and yours!

    • Treatment Coverage (in case of complication)

    • Flight Ticket

    • Accommodation

    • Intervention in native country

    • Companion Expenses (Flight ticket, accommodation)

    • Travel insurance

    • Provides comprehensive protection for up to 12 months.

    • In general, it meets all the complications in the medical literature written in the informed consent form that you have signed before the treatment.

    • Complications that can be paid in the dental plan are the expenses after tooth extraction, surgical tooth extraction, root canal treatment, implant application, prosthetic tooth application and periodontology applications.

    • For example, delayed bleeding in surgical tooth extraction, gingival infection, remaining tooth fragment; In implant applications, complications such as the implant not being fully seated, moving, dislodged, and damaging the jawbone are covered by the coverage.

    • This insurance provides coverage for persons between the ages of 5 and 75.


Temporary Acrylic Bridge (for all on 6 patients only)
Temporary Screwed Denture
Temporary Denture
Zirconium Porcelain Implant Crown
All on 4 Both Jaw Metal Fused Porcelain Package (24 Unit Bridge)
All on 4 Both Jaw Zirconium Porcelain Package (24 Unit Toronto Bridge)
MegaGen Anyridge® Dental implant + Abutment
Straumann BLX® Dental implant + Abutment
Nobel® Dental implant + Abutment
Osstem® Dental implant + Abutment
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