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  • Is Antalya, Turkey a safe destination for medical treatment?
    Absolutely! Antalya is well-known for its top-notch medical facilities and services. This makes it a secure and attractive choice for those seeking medical treatment. The city offers an ideal blend of high-standard healthcare and scenic tourist spots, ensuring a fulfilling experience for medical tourists.
  • How do I obtain a treatment quote?
    You can easily get a quote by reaching out to us via WhatsApp at 00447788100584, or by filling out a consultation form on our website. We'll provide you with a detailed, customized plan within 2 to 24 hours.
  • Is it possible to consult your dentist in the UK?
    Yes, consultations with our dental surgeon in the UK are available, but they must be pre-arranged through our staff at Yourette.
  • Can the initial quote change after a consultation at the clinic?
    The initial quote might be revised after a thorough examination at the clinic. This change is due to potential additional procedures identified through detailed X-ray and tomography exams. However, if you've consulted with our dental surgeon in the UK and have recent X-rays, your quote is likely to remain unchanged.
  • Does Yourette provide guarantees for dental procedures?
    Yes, at Yourette, we ensure that our partner clinics in Turkey offer guarantees for the dental treatments performed. This includes covering any necessary corrective actions if problems occur within a certain period post-treatment.
  • Why should I choose Yourette for medical tourism?
    Yourette stands out by offering complication insurance, travel insurance, and legal protection in all our packages. We also have a dedicated dental surgeon in the UK for initial consultations, and our complication insurance covers a broad spectrum of dental procedures.
  • What does complication insurance entail?
    Our complication insurance, provided by a third-party insurer, safeguards you against any complications from seven days to 12 months post-treatment. It comprehensively covers treatment, travel, and accommodation expenses for both the patient and a companion.
  • What is included in the complication insurance
    This insurance covers necessary corrective procedures, travel and accommodation costs in case of complications, emergency treatment back in your home country, expenses for a companion, and other travel-related issues for up to a year after treatment.
  • What does a standard package include
    Our standard package encompasses treatment costs, complication insurance, travel insurance, legal protection, accommodation, and VIP transfers.
  • What are the typical wait times for treatments abroad?
    Dental treatments are usually scheduled within one to two weeks, but there might be longer waiting periods during peak times.
  • How long is the stay in Turkey required for?
    The duration of stay in Turkey depends on the specific procedure. For simple smile makeover procedures, a 7-day stay is sufficient. Dental implants, however, may require multiple visits.
  • How does Yourette cater to nervous patients?
    Our clinics are tailored to assist nervous patients through calming environments, empathetic communication, patient education, and personalizing each patient's experience to minimize anxiety and ensure comfort.
  • Can I bring a companion or children to the clinic?
    Certainly, you are welcome to bring a companion or children. We provide child care services while you undergo treatment at our clinic.
  • What kind of accommodation is included in your packages?
    Our packages include stays in a charming boutique hotel located near the clinic. For further details, please get in touch with us.


Temporary Acrylic Bridge (for all on 6 patients only)
Temporary Screwed Denture
Temporary Denture
Zirconium Porcelain Implant Crown
All on 4 Both Jaw Metal Fused Porcelain Package (24 Unit Bridge)
All on 4 Both Jaw Zirconium Porcelain Package (24 Unit Toronto Bridge)
MegaGen Anyridge® Dental implant + Abutment
Straumann BLX® Dental implant + Abutment
Nobel® Dental implant + Abutment
Osstem® Dental implant + Abutment
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