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Your UK based health tourism agency

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Ensuring Safety and Security in Dental Tourism

Welcome to Yourette, your trusted UK based dental tourism agency. At Yourette, we prioritize your safety and peace of mind, offering a seamless and secure dental treatment experience in Turkey.

Your Safety - Our Priority

  • Partnered with Top-Tier Clinics


Yourette collaborates exclusively with dental clinics in Turkey that are accredited by their Ministry of Health. These clinics have been treating international patients with success for years.

  • Consult with Our UK Surgeon


We offer a unique opportunity to meet with our UK based dental surgeon in person in London or via video call. He will go through your treatment plan step by step and can answer any questions you have, leaving you feeling confident and ready to start your treatment.

  • Transparent Pricing


We believe in complete transparency. Before you decide to travel, Yourette will provide a detail of the treatment’s costs to you. In some cases, we might give different prices based on the best and worst-case scenarios. This is so you have an in depth understanding of your financial commitment without any hidden costs.

Travel insurance concept with toy car and financial elements indicating coverage costs on a clipboard.

Comprehensive Complication Insurance

Our complication insurance is the cornerstone of our service and is designed to give you complete peace of mind.

Our Complication insurance covers:

  • Treatment Complications

Should you have any problems following your treatment, the complication insurance has you covered for any corrective treatment required within twelve months of your original treatment.

  • Travel and Accommodation Expenses

In the event of complications, you will be reimbursed for your travel and accommodation expenses, as required.

  • Companion Expenses

Any travel and accommodation expenses incurred by your companion will be covered as well, ensuring you have support throughout your journey.

  • Travel Insurance

Even without dental complications, travel insurance allows our patients to feel an extra layer of security. Our comprehensive travel insurance will cover any other travel-related complications or issues so that you feel safe and secure throughout your journey.

  • Legal Coverage

In the rare event of legal issues arising from your treatment, our insurance provides legal coverage, ensuring all bases are covered.

  • Duration and Scope

The insurance is valid for up to 12 months post-treatment and includes a wide range of dental procedures detailed in your informed consent form.

  • Clinics Guarantee

Yourette also provides a guarantee to patients who choose to undergo dental treatment at our partnered clinics in Turkey. These clinics offer a guarantee for their dental procedures, so in the unlikely event that any issues arise in the period after your treatment, the clinic will supply the necessary corrective measures for free, providing added assurance and peace of mind for our patients.

Dental tourism coordinator with passports and tickets at a travel agency office.

Language Assistance

Our translators will be present at the clinic in Turkey, ensuring that a line of clear and effective communication between yourself and the dental staff is maintained.

Stress-Free Travel Arrangements

From VIP airport transfers to managing all your travel needs for dental appointments, we handle it all.

Travel Insurance and Legal Cover

In addition to our comprehensive complication insurance, Yourette provides extensive travel insurance and legal cover. This includes coverage for any unforeseen travel disruptions and legal assistance in the unlikely event of legal challenges resulting from the dental treatment.

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Why Choose Yourette?

Choosing Yourette means opting for a worry-free, safe, and secure dental tourism experience. With our first-class care, transparent pricing, comprehensive insurance coverage, and outstanding service, your dental experience with Yourette is more than just a vacation.

Full Support and Comfort

  • Quality Accommodation: We arrange your stay in locations that are comfortable and safe, ensuring that your trip is pleasant and hassle-free.

  • Personalized Care: Our team is committed to your personalized care, so every step of your trip is prepared with your preferences and needs in mind.

Eligibility and Coverage Details

  • Age Range

You're eligible between the ages of 5 and 75, making our insurance available to a broad range of patients.

  • Specifics of Coverage

Our insurance includes an extensive range of issues -- from complications following tooth extraction, implant applications, and other dental procedures. Whether it be delayed bleeding, infections, and implant-related complications.

The Trusted Dental Tourism Partner

At Yourette, we know it's just as important to choose dental care of high quality as it is for it to be safe and supported. We've made a partnership with the best dental clinics known for top-notch dental treatments and offer it with every dental tourism experience. We even provide insurance for any complications, and travel insurance should any unexpected issues arise along your way.

Our services are all about personal attention tailored to your needs and are about the relationships that we're building between us and our patients.

When you choose Yourette, you're not just choosing a new smile, you're choosing a whole new world for the standards of safety and care that come with dental tourism.

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