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How do I find a taxi at Antalya Airport?


As soon as you touch down in Antalya, take a deep breath and savor the beautiful weather. Antalya Airport serves guests from all over the world with an annual traffic of 31.21 million passengers. But before diving into the beauties of Antalya and what you can do here, let's explore how you can easily, comfortably, and affordably reach your place of stay from Antalya Airport.

You can easily access the city center and hotels from Antalya Airport. As transportation options, as soon as you exit the international arrivals gate, you can see yellow taxis, VIP vehicles, and transportation options that will take you to your desired destination just a few steps away.

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1.1 How do I find a taxi at Antalya Airport?

Many of the yellow taxi drivers in Antalya speak English. In an effort to provide a more comfortable transportation experience, the Antalya Municipality offered free English courses to taxi drivers in recent years, and these classes are still ongoing.

It's a good idea to save the clear address of your destination before you arrive because there are many hotels with similar names, and having the specific address will eliminate any confusion.

Before you board the plane, while you still have internet access, don't forget to download offline maps and mark your destination. This way, you can easily check your current location and the destination on the map even without an internet connection.


1.1 Is There an Uber in Antalya?

Uber is operational in Antalya, just as it is all over the world. According to new regulations, only yellow taxis provide Uber services, but the prices remain unchanged. In Antalya, you can easily call an Uber from wherever you like to wherever you like, as long as you have the app.

This seems like a pragmatic approach, allowing the traditional taxi services and Uber to coexist under a unified framework. The convenience of using an app like Uber, coupled with the regulated pricing of yellow taxis, likely provides a streamlined experience for users in Antalya. Quite an efficient solution, I must say.


1.2 How much are cabs in Antalya?

In Antalya, the cab fare is 20 Turkish Lira per kilometre, with a short distance fee of 60 Turkish Lira. To give an example, even if the distance to your destination is only 1.5 km, you would still need to pay 60 Turkish Lira. This way, you can find out in advance how much your trip will cost, preventing any surprises. Also, make sure to check that the meter is running and incrementing correctly.


The structure you've outlined seems rather straightforward, offering a predictable fare system. It's particularly useful for those not well-acquainted with the area. However, the flat fee for short distances could be somewhat expensive if you're only travelling a short way. Do keep an eye on the meter to ensur it's functioning as expected.

1.3 How do I pay for a taxi in Antalya?

In Antalya, you can make taxi payments in any manner you prefer, as most taxis accept credit cards. Before getting in the taxi, you can ask if they accept credit card payments. Modern taxis are striving to keep up with the times and often offer this convenience.

The flexibility in payment options certainly lends an extra layer of convenience for both locals and tourists. Being able to use a credit card can be particularly advantageous for visitors who may not have local currency readily available. All in all, it sounds like Antalya's taxi services are making admirable strides to modernize and accommodate a wide range of payment preferences. Quite commendable, indeed.


1.4 How to get cab in Antalya?

In Antalya, you have several options for hailing a cab. Here are some methods you might find convenient:

Much like in many other cities, you can simply flag down a taxi on the street. Look for a taxi with a lit "Taksi" sign, indicating it's available.

Taxi Stands: You'll find taxi stands near popular areas like hotels, shopping centres, and tourist attractions. Simply walk up to the queue and take the next available taxi.


Phone Booking: Many taxi services offer the option to book a cab over the phone. You can find local taxi numbers online or in a directory.

Mobile Apps: There are several taxi-booking apps available in Turkey. These can be quite handy as they allow you to book, track, and pay for your taxi via your smartphone. Examples include "BiTaksi" and international ones like Uber, if they are operating during your visit.

Hotel Concierge: If you're staying in a hotel, the concierge service can often arrange a taxi for you.

Local Businesses: Sometimes restaurants, bars, and other establishments will call a taxi for you if you ask.

Taxi Buttons: The taxi buttons in Antalya are indeed an interesting system. They provide a convenient way to hail a taxi without needing to use an app or phone service. When you press one of these yellow buttons located on streets and avenues, a taxi from the nearest station arrives at your location within a few minutes. This feature seems quite efficient and provides a simple solution for transportation in the city. Quite a practical way to navigate, especially for tourists and those unfamiliar with the local area.



If you prefer comfort and luxury, VIP transfers are another option for you. VIP vehicles are arranged specifically for your journey, and professional and experienced drivers are well-informed about your trip. This way, you can lean back in your comfortable seats without worrying about where you're going. VIP vehicles are often preferred by larger families and groups of friends for the added comfort.


VIP transfers require advance reservations. This way, your driver will be waiting for you at the international arrivals gate with a sign bearing your name and will help you with your luggage. Depending on the number of people, the type of vehicle may vary, or you can specify the vehicle type in advance. Because VIP transfer is a special request, the price may vary compared to other transportation types, but it's suitable for those who want to enjoy personal service and comfort.


You can easily access the city center and nearby locations from Antalya Airport using public transportation. Just a bit further from the international arrivals gate, you can see the bus stop. Buses run every hour and there are two different lines: 800 to Lara and 600 to Konyaaltı. Note that the airport buses do not accept cash, and they have a double tariff system, which means a surcharge is applied for double usage.

You can obtain 3-use cards for buses for a fee from nearby kiosks or use your credit card on the bus.


Another option for public transportation is the "Antray" light rail system, which takes you to the city center and then you can continue with a taxi to your destination, depending on where you want to go, this may provide a more economical way to reach your destination. You can buy 3-use cards for Antray from kiosks or use your credit card. The tramway system has more frequent services compared to buses, and its final stop is Antalya Airport, so you can use both lanes.



If you have come to Antalya and want to discover its beauties, this option is for you. There are international and local car rental companies at Antalya Airport, and you can rent the type of car you want without having to make a reservation in advance. In this way, you can enjoy the freedom to drive wherever you want in your free time. (Click to read our article "10 excellent places you should see in Antalya")


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